Technical Papers

Hernandez, S., Howard, C., Livingood, R., Calongne, C., (2019). Application of Decision Tree Analytics on Semistructured North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Forecasts. International Journal of Sociotechnology and Knowledge Development. doi:10.4018/IJSKD.2019040103

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Hernandez, S., (2017). Survey of the different type of data analytics algorithms. International Journal of Strategic Information Technology and Applications. doi:10.4018/IJSITA.2017010104

Hernandez, S., (2017). Application of predictive analytics on Semistructured North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone forecasts. Dissertation, Colorado Technical University, Denver, CO.

Hernandez, S., Glatfelter, J. (2017). Concealing data within images (U.S. Patent No. US9542714B2). U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Hernandez, S., (2010). The Effects of Latent Heating on the Extratropical Transition of Typhoon Sinlaku. Masters of Science Paper, Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA.

Hernandez, S. (2009). Evaluating the effects of latent heating in tropical cyclone Sinlaku’s extratropical transition using ARW and energetics analysis. doi:10.5065/3axv-sc27

Hernandez, S., (2007). Hurricane Katrina Reanalysis over South Florida. Marine and Atmospheric Sciences’ Departmental Honors Senior thesis, University of Miami, Miami, FL.

Hernandez, S. (2007). Utilizing COSMIC radio occultation soundings to estimate convective potentials over oceans. doi:10.5065/7552-pa85

Hernandez, S. (2006). Comparison of CHAMP Radio Occultations with Global Model Forecasts: 2005 hurricane season. doi:10.5065/0qgv-g943

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